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“Radical Rainbow”
There has been a lot in the media lately about what is appropriate in Early Education these days. “Political Correctness” has gone crazy! It is certainly doing wonders for our enrolments!
When we opened for business in 1995, I was called "radical" How great is that?!!!!!
What a compliment!!
We have compiled a list of the reasons given to us by the parents as to why the have chosen to send their children to Rainbow Pre-school…
·   You use the words “Don’t” and “No.
    You call the children “Boys” and “Girls.”
   You have discipline!
   The children call you by your titles e.g. “Mrs Murray” and not by your first names.
    You encourage manners.
    You model good manners.
    You read real books to them
    Your write with them and help them to write.
    You teach them to count / add / subtract.
    You teach them colours / shapes.
    You allow Santa at Christmas time.
    You have the Nativity at Christmas time.
    You have a Christmas tree at Christmas time.
    You wish the families, "Merry Christmas" not "Happy Holidays!"
    You sing the National Anthem every day.
    You have structure.
    You show the children how to line up and wait for their turn.
    You sing “Baa Baa Black Sheep.”
    You are allowed to play “Musical Statues.”
    You have the “Easter Bunny.”
    You are allowed to play singing games e.g. “Farmer in the Dell.”
    You do craft, not just painting.
    You have activities to help develop fine motor skills.
    You have activities to help develop gross motor skills.
    You advise parents if a child needs extra support e.g. speech / Occupational Therapy /
    Child Development Team so that a problem can be “fixed” before they go to Kindergarten.
    You have class photos taken with the children’s names printed on them.
    You prepare portfolios of the children’s work with work samples and photos from
    throughout the year. (“Surprises Book")
    The children come out of pre-school ready to go home. Parents don’t have to “hunt”
    for their belongings.
    You are understanding of and sympathetic to our needs to collect our other children
    from school and the traffic on Hawkesbury Road in the afternoon!
   You provide that extra half hour / hour that we may need but we don’t need long day care.
    You taught his father / mother.
    You taught with his / her grandfather / grandmother.
    Your fees are the same as everyone else’s.
    You cuddle them when they cry.
    If they cut themselves, you put a band-aid on the cut without the fear of 1 child in
    1,000,000 having an allergic reaction!
    You make learning fun for the children.
    You help us if our child has a problem.
    You have experience / know what you are talking about.
    You work with the schools.
    The Rainbow Kids really stood out at big school today. They sat down and started to write.
    You use COMMON SENSE, which is not that common these days.
Joan Murray 2019
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