Rainbow Pre-school - Top quality pre-school education in a natural bushland setting.
Lots of people in our community have jobs to help us.
Many of our mums, dads, family members and friends are firefighters, police officers and ambulance officers.
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We regularly have them to visit us and tell us about their very interesting jobs.
A special thankyou to Fireman Mat, Fireman Jamie, Fireman Steve, Fireman Jared, Fireman Brian, Fireman Rob, Fireman Wayne, Fireman Byron, Fireman Bruce and Fireman Dale for their "Acts of Bravery" in fronting up to 28 pre-school children!.
Station Officer Dale Wade-Ferrell is so brave that he is a regular visitor to Rainbow. He volunteers to visit on a different day of the week to talk to the children about Fire Safety. Our children love having our "very own fireman, "Fireman Dale."

Dale has also inserviced our staff on Evacuation and Fire Safety.

We believe that his actions ensured that our evacuation and events afterwards were as positive as humanly possible after the October 2013 Bushfire.

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