Rainbow Term Dates

Our preschool operates in line with NSW Department of Education school holidays. We are also closed on all public holidays. Fees are not payable for these closed days.


You can find the NSW Department of Education Vacation Dates here


Term 2 Colour Themes

Every week of Term 2 each year we celebrate and discuss a colour. Your child may wish to wear clothing of this colour when they attend Rainbow on their days. (Please don’t go to too much trouble.)


Wk 1: Red

Wk 2: Yellow                                     

Wk 3: Blue

Wk 4: Orange                                 

Wk 5: Green

Wk 6: Purple

Wk 7: Brown

Wk 8: Pink

Wk 9: Black  & White 

Wk 10: Rainbow Week - wear as many colours as you can!


Show & Tell 

Show & Tell runs Week 3 Term 1 to Week 5 of Term 4. Children will be able to bring something to share with group on their rostered week of each term. The Roster is available in our downloadable information. 


Our Fees

Fees have been set at $42.00 per day in 2021 for pre-school hours of 9AM - 3PM with an additional charge of $4.00 per 30 minutes for before and after care. Please see our downloaded information for further terms and conditions. 


Download our comprehensive information pack.