Australia Day, ANZAC Day & NAIDOC

Every day our children sing the national anthem, and around Australia Day we talk about being a wonderfully multicultural country and its diversity. We appreciate and share the customs and history of our beautiful country.



We celebrate Easter and have an Easter-themed week at Rainbow across literature, arts, crafts and the garden. 


Preschool Photos Week 

For all of our 25 years we have a wonderful collection of children’s group photos. This usually takes please mid-October.


Christmas Concert Week 

Our concerts are always very popular, we usually have one every day during Week 9 of Term 4. 


Families will be allocated one day to bring along the family. Grandmas, grandfathers, aunties, uncles etc. all welcome. Details nearer the time. We always include a percussion number, something "cute" and our Rainbow Nativity Play is always very popular.


2020 marked our 25th Anniversary and 25 years of concerts. We have had a total of 120 Marys, 120 Josephs, 120 Angels, 360 Wise People, a lot of drummers and 2650 chorus singers!


Party Week! 

Celebrating our last week of the year at Rainbow together.  We hope to have a party every day instead of lunch. 


Carols In The Carpark

We always celebrate Christmas with our "must see" Nativity Play and our Carols in the Carpark with lots of help from our friends, the Salvation Army Band.


Santa always visits our Carols but has a habit of double parking his sleigh at Summerhayes Park! Thankfully our friends at Springwood Police Station are always happy to give him a lift back to the park to move it.


A huge thankyou to Santa's manager, Mr Vince Sibbald, "Santa Pete's' manager, Mr Peter Filmer, the Salvation Army Band and Springwood Police.